Hello my name is Abigail

I am years old.

– I like the ocean and coloring.

Abby is quite shy but once you get to know her shell make you laugh until it hurts with all her goofy faces. She can spend ALL day in the ocean and has found a new love for surfing. She’s a go with the flow type of gal but loves anything girly and sparkly. She doesn’t particularly like school but gets great grades! Education wasn’t a priority and she didn’t attend school often.

Since joining The GLO House in 2019, her school attendance has greatly increased! We can’t wait to see what Abby will accomplish in an education focused environment!

Coming out of her shell

Since joining our family Abigail is thriving and both at home and in school!

A donation will help her

By donating to our home you will help to provide safe housing, a great childhood and education for Abigail.

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