Hello my name is Dewayne

I am years old.

I like to skate and learn in school. I enjoy playing jokes on people and watching super hero movies’.

Dewanye is quite the jokester! He is always putting a smile on your face. He is a great surfer but has a huge fear of the ocean. So he spends a lot of time hanging out with Lindsey on the beach or teaching the younger kids to surf in the shallow water.       

Dewanye gets almost straight A’s in school and is a very hard worker. He sets high goals for himself and strives to reach them. We can’t wait to see where his determination takes him!

Big dreams for the future

Dewayne dreams of becoming an engineer or architect.

A donation will help him

By donating to our home you will help to provide safe housing, a great childhood and education for Dewayne.

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