Hello my name is Jolene

I am years old.

“My favourite thing to do in my free time is to do ballet and to do gymnastics with Abby. I like living at The GLO House because it is a place for me to grow, to be loved, to have opportunities to learn more. I also like to live at The GLO House because I like to play with the animals.”

Jolene loves dancing and being silly with the other girls in the house. She enjoys our Friday night movie night and she says popcorn can make any day a good day! Jolene has a big heart and cares a lot for her younger sibling, Devano. She excels in math and dreams of being a doctor one day. We can’t wait to see where Jolene’s big heart and pointed toes will take her. 

Loves Ballet!

After completing her first dance recital, Jolene has found a new love and confidence through dance!  

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