Hello my name is Keehano

I am years old.

– I love fashion and cooking. I enjoy being at The GLO House because it makes me feel like I have a family and a safe place to live.

Keehano is a free spirit and has a large sense of family. He helps keep the younger kids in line and on track. He loves to help in the kitchen make new recipes. He wants to be a famous chef for a celebrity and dreams of traveling the world. He works hard in school and plans to attend college in the future. We can’t wait to see where Keehano’s lively personality will take him!

Food is a true passion!

Keehano has big dreams for the future. Being a chef and traveling the world as he serves his high profile clients! 

A donation will help him

By donating to our home you will help to provide safe housing, a great childhood and education for Keehano.

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