Hello my name is Mercy

I am years old.

I love to live by Darron and Lindsey. I like to play tennis and I like to play netball in my free time. I like living at The GLO House because it’s very nice and there is lots of love. I want to be like Lindsey when I grow up!’

Mercy is a girl who loves life. Whether she is building sandcastles at the beach, playing with her friends during recess, eating pizza, or hosting Friday night dance parties, she is always having a good time! She is always rocking a new hairstyle and wearing any accessory she can find.

Mercy enjoys helping others and being a part of a family. Her excitement and energy bring joy to those around her. She has always struggled in school especially in math and reading. We are so happy to have her as part of the family.

Wants to read in english

Mercy has been with The GLO House since 2018. Since then she can read in Afrikaans and is working hard to read English!

A donation will help her

By donating to our home you will help to provide safe housing, a great childhood and education for Mercy.

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