Hello, my name is Lindsey

Born in a small Midwestern farming town, Lindsey grew up with a passion for community building and caring for children. A volunteer trip to South Africa in 2016 gave her a new perspective and deeper understanding of the suffering of children born into poverty.

In 2017, she returned to South Africa and saw that many of the children she had previously bonded with were living in deplorable conditions. She decided that she had to do something, so she sold all of her belongings and moved to South Africa permanently. She opened her home to one child and then another and another. Eventually, word spread and with the support of her community, Lindsey followed her dream through and the GLO House was born.

Lindsey has been focused on ensuring that The GLO house and staff are always learning and stick to the importance of our mission. She is set to finish her bachelors degree in Non Profit Business Management and Child Psychology in the spring of 2023.